The standard water jet

HEAD New Generation Intensifier Pump

Adapt the most advanced design and structure, match with the high end import intensifier and automatic variable oil pump, strong cutting ability, and stability, can continue to work, meet with Series production.

Max pressure:420Mpa / Continuous working pressure:370-390Mpa
Max oil pressure:21Mpa / Max water flow:3.7LPM
Power supply:380V/3P/50Hz / Power need:37KW
Max orifice diameter:0.35mm

Intensifier pump

◆equipped with the United States imported supercharger total commitment
◆equipped with Siemens (Beide) three-phase AC induction motor
◆equipped with brand automatic variable oil pump, improve energy efficiency
◆equipped with Japan Omron PLC control
◆equipped with imported valve, relief valve and hydraulic valve inserted
◆equipped with Schneider AC contactor
◆equipped with imported high-pressure pipeline
◆With cylinder piston operation overclocking protection
◆With slow start function, low voltage mode, can automatically reduce the pressure and noise at startup
◆With low pressure water shortage Automatic protection function When the water pressure is low, the high-pressure pump automatically suspended
◆using imported Italian vane pumps for low pressure, a large quantity of small water volume, pressure is stable
◆with motor overload overcurrent protection
◆With low pressure drilling, high pressure cutting function, can achieve high and low voltage automatic conversion
◆installation of visualization cover, easy to observe, beautiful and generous

  • USA import intensifier

  • Import direction valve, overflow valve

  • Shneider alert contactor

  • Romon brand PLC from Japan

  • Siemens(Beide) three phase a synchronous motor

  • Italy imported vane type low pressure water pump, small size, large water supply…

  • Visual cover to observe the working of intensifier