Standard Waterjet

3 axis cutting head, mainly used in simple surfacecutting, and can cut any curve any shape...

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AC 5-axis Waterjet

The AC 5-axis system adds the A axis (around the X-axis rotation) and C axis(around the Z-axis) based on the standard three-axis (X-axis Y-axis Z-axis). AC 5-axis system is the most popular 5-axis system in the world market at present.
AC-5 axis waterjet got the silver prize of CIEME

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AB 5-axis Waterjet

HEAD HD5X-AB five axis water jet system is the solution for high quality ceramic, marble pattern, anti tilt and metal vertical precision cutting. By changing the angle of cutting head in horizontal and vertical optimize tilt to achieve any angle control, the max tilt angle is 8 degree. Can adjust the angle in tiny, and cut any material.

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Portable Waterjet

HEAD brand portable water jet cuttingmachine is the flexible cutting solution for customers, which is mainly appliedin wield surroundings for inflammable and explosive cutting, for instance,waste tank hole cutting, gas pipeline cutting, line of intersection and profilecutting, and the sheet plate cutting.

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