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Waterjet has proven to be the best answer for cutting stone materials, as it increases material yield and operating efficiency, as well as reducing costs when compared to conventional equipment.

water jet applications: stone and tile

HEAD abrasive water jet cutting machine can cut and pierce all stone, marble and tile, no matter how brittle the material is. Because there is no thermal deformation, it will not be deformed due to its shape or strength. The floor mosaic is processed by our CNC water jet cutter to save time and labor costs and reduce the space occupied by our water jet machine.

When dealing with stone, tile and glass, the material must be perforated at low pressure and then automatically switched to high pressure during the cutting process. Perforation, cutting, and speed of tool pads are controlled by our water jet controller.

Waterjet cutting is ideal for the stone and tile industry because it maximizes performance, reduces costs and increases profits. Waterjets can cut sinks and faucets, and can create smooth edges on flats cut with a saw. Water jets are a wonderful tool when used for inlays, logos,  complex designs or any other artistic accent.