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Reduce your cut-out processing time by 75%!

Water jet is an excellent choice for cutting a whole spectrum of glass products due to the fact that one process can be used to quickly transition from concept to cut without tool changes.

Water jet cutting of glass has advanced considerably over the last decade and today this technology has become widely accepted as industry standard as glass processors prove the benefits afforded by current water jet cutting technology.

Water jet cutting systems combine consistency and versatility to cut almost any shape from any thickness glass and perform tasks beyond the capability of conventional glass processing equipment.

Water jet is used globally for many glass processing applications including:

Power point cutouts; kitchen and bathroom splashbacks; Mirrors; Table top inlays;

Window panels; Frameless shower screens.

Reasons why this technology is very popular in the glass industry:

  1. It is an extremely fast process as compared to traditional glass cutting methods
  2. Water jet cutting machine produces exceptional edge quality – little/no additional treatment required
  3. Cuts precise internal cutouts not possible with other machinery
  4. Water jet offers operators flexibility no other process can offer
  5. Cuts through laminated glass
  6. Efficient & cost effective