Portable waterjet

HEAD brand portable water jet cuttingsolution

HEAD brand portable water jet cuttingmachine is the flexible cutting solution for customers, which is mainly appliedin wield surroundings for inflammable and explosive cutting, for instance,waste tank hole cutting, gas pipeline cutting, line of intersection and profilecutting, and the sheet plate cutting.

The components of the portable water jetcutting machine

The features of portable water jet cuttingmachine:

  • 1.Safety: Cold cutting, there isno thermal affection on materials
  • 2.Compatibility: Only need oneset HP intensifier pump can match with different kind holding cars, can cut thepipe, plate and tanks.
  • 3.Portable: No need the cuttingtable and CNC control system as standard water jet, no more place need, easyfor moving and installation.

HEAD brand portable water jet-holding car solution

Pneumatic magnet walking car

Using the permanent magnetism adsorption method, can absorbon the surface of plate, pipe, big tank,and can do the length direction and lateral direction , or any other positionstraight line cutting. With the voltage automatic compensation function, it cankeep the constant speed walking under big wave of voltage.
Using the pneumatic motor drive, can guarantee the safetyunder inflammable and explosive surroundings, which helps increase the cuttingefficiency, guarantee the quality, decrease the labor.
( Can match withguide trail according to requirement)

Pneumatic chain pipe holding car

Combining the guide trail and chain, we can guarantee the start point and end point at the same level. The chain uses the new type running knot, instead of traditional knot, which can adjust according to the diameter of the tube, can connect in fast time. Using the flexible guide trail, can match with different kind of diameter, pneumatic drive way ,which can guarantee the safety.

Radius circle cutting tools

Canabsorb on the side of tank, small vessels and large diameter piping, can befast and reliable setup, which guarantees the safety.

Pneumatic lance water jet tool

Thepneumatic lance is a powerful hand-held waterjetting tool for cleaning andsurface preparation applications.

Pneumatic lance water jet tool

It is the specialwater jet solution for the inflammable and explosive tank or pipe shell circlecutting. Which can help to solve the problem of High accuracycutting. It adapts the magnet to absorb the surface, very safe to use. There isservo motor inside to drive the cutting head to rotate,which can guarantee thecutting accuracy and smooth. The connection between rotation axis and cuttinghead can be adjustment, which can control the diameter of cutting. There ismotor and current inside, can guarantee the long time use.

Hand propelled floor notch walking tool

We fix the angleof cutting head, the width of cutting is 20mm( The width can be adjusted15mm-30mm), the depth is 40-50mm. We match with double cutting head, can cutthe wedge shape by one time.Use the changeable cutting head,can do the wallcutting, curve cutting, straight line cutting.The direction can be controlledby manual, and match with the holding car.