Marble Water Jet Cutting Machine

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Typical applications
It has a more gratifying effect in marble mosaic processing. When the cutting head keep 5 degrees, the section will be different. when we combine the two cutting blocks,there is no gap on the upper surface, and a little big gap exists on the lower surface. So there is no need to manually secondary polishing, reducing processing costs, improve effectiveness. the more important is to improve the quality of mosaic, so this 4 axis machine makes it much easier to achieve complex mosaic production. It also has a remarkable effect in cutting glass straight holes application. For example,when we cut straight holes on glass, we can keep the same speed to achieve the desired effect. Marble Water Jet Cutting Machine

Marble Water Jet Cutting Machine

1. bevel cutting
2. straight cutting
3. cutting head
4. stone material
5. scrao after cutting
6. Small gap on the front
7. Facade
8. Big gap on the back, easy glue

we provide complete water jet solutions that can be customized and developed to match your specific needs. Marble Water Jet Cutting Machine

Marble Water Jet Cutting Machine Quality Control

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