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Granite Water Jet Cutter

HEAD-5AB axis linkage waterjet cutting system offers solutions to solve high-quality ceramic, stone parquet industry, as well as non-ferrous metal vertical precision cutting industry and other issues. By varying the inclination of the horizontal and vertical directions at the same time to achieve any angle control of the cutting head, the maximum angle of 8 degrees. According to different needs at random angle fine adjustment, to realize all kinds of materials precision cutting.


1. Using AB structure to achieve the form of five-axis CNC 5 axis (X、Y、Z、A、B) linkage

2. Imported gear, fewer parts, simple structure and beautiful, operation easy to understand, easy to learn and maintain.

3. Using Japan Yaskawa servo motor, effectively improve the cutting and control accuracy

4. Do not use rotary joints, the maximum reduction in the number of wearing parts, reduce the user’s cost

5. The one-piece dust seal structure, improve equipment service life

6. Original imported double linear guide and screw structure, so that the whole blade more stable and reliable.