Glass Drilling Water Jet Cutting

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Glass Drilling Water Jet Cutting

We can customized different kinds of water jet cutting machines depend on customers actual requirements, welcome to contact us for more informations.


Machine chief technical parameter

Structure: gantry

Size( X and Y): 3200*2200mm

X-axis: 3000mm

Y-axis: 2000mm

Z-axis: 150mm

Repeatability: 0.02mm

X.Y speed: 0-15meter/min

Control accuracy: ±0.01mm

Cutting accuracy: ±0.1mm


• Cut glass geometry that common machining cannot perform
• Delicate glass does not crack during processing
• Precisely cut thin to thick glass without changing any tooling
• Cuts glass panels up to 9″ (23 cm) in thickness
• Eliminates pressure of cutting process on surface material
• No heat affected zone (HAZ)
• No tool to sharpen
• No or reduced need for reworking of the cut edge
• No waste of material, narrow cutting gap
• Cost effective means of cutting holes in glass
• Create intricate design in any shape and size
(Not suitable for the processing of tempered or hot glass)